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Ash Johns: Reclaiming Your Freedom

Episode Summary

This convo is JUICY! Join my chat with conscious strategist and ancestral healer Ash Johns about her journey to supporting visionaries and leaders as well as a look into how she leads people into the deep work of Ancestral Healing. Here is a bit more about Ash: Ash Johns is devoted to supporting visionaries, creatives and soul-searchers, she guides the willing in discovering their unique path to freedom while healing what she believes is our greatest recurring trauma as humans—surviving. She has an honors degree in advertising and entrepreneurial marketing from Murray State University and is a certified Psychosynthesis Coach, Reiki Master and Spiritualist.

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About The Host:
Megan Colleen Johnson is a Life Coach, Marketing Mentor, and Self-Trust Guide who supports passionate humans as they step into the role of Reclamation Queen of their own life. As a resilient and empathic spirit she works with humans ready to reclaim their soul self, stand in their power, and unleash their magic to the world. Megan holds her B.A. in Graphic Design, is a trained Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, she hosts her podcast titled, “The Reclamation Podcast”, and has spoken for workshops and conferences such as the Nashville Mental Health Marketing Conference. You can find her online at or on social media @megscolleen.