The Reclamation Podcast - This Podcast is no longer being updated.

Jenna Dayle: Returning to Self, Writing, & The Power Of Words.

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A conversation with poet, teacher, and writing advocate Jenna Dayle about Returning to Self, her writing journey, and the power of words.

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About The Host:
Megan Colleen Johnson is a life coach, creative consultant, space holder, and speaker who helps passionate humans as they rise as the leader of their own life. With a focus on self-trust, wholeness, and sovereign reclamation Megan coaches humans who are ready to discover their magic, stand in their power and reclaim their dreams. Megan is a Certified Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy, holds her degree in graphic design, hosts her podcast titled, “The Reclamation Podcast”, and has over 8 years of creative marketing experience with a roster of clients including Steven Pressfield, Chris Guillebeau, Wilson Sporting Goods, and many more. You can find her online at or on social media @megscolleen.