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Jennie Kerns: 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Cycle

Episode Summary

Whew! Jennie and I dive into a LOT. As an FYI we do dive into some deeper conversation around spirituality, sexuality, and cycles for humans who bleed. If that is not your jam or feel the need to pass on conversations that include exiting fundamental Christianity maybe click on to the next episode! :) Here is a bit more about Jennie: Jennie is a certified health coach who specializes in talking about menstrual cycles. She’s the cool aunt who will chat with you about the things you’re mom may never have. Jennie is passionate about helping womxn and uterus-bodied humxns understand and connect with their body and ending the stigma that surrounds “that time of the month.” She’s super laid back and full of knowledge. Her whole vibe is deep but make it comedic.

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About The Host:
Megan Colleen Johnson is a life coach, creative consultant, space holder, and speaker who helps passionate humans as they rise as the leader of their own life. With a focus on self-trust, wholeness, and sovereign reclamation Megan coaches humans who are ready to discover their magic, stand in their power and reclaim their dreams. Megan is a Certified Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy, holds her degree in graphic design, hosts her podcast titled, “The Reclamation Podcast”, and has over 8 years of creative marketing experience with a roster of clients including Steven Pressfield, Chris Guillebeau, Wilson Sporting Goods, and many more. You can find her online at or on social media @megscolleen.